3 nov. 2012

PARIS Salon Du Chocolat 2012

The most sophisticated chocolate has its meeting at the show in Paris, the best ingredients to be developed by the world's most glamorous hands.

Spanish Delicatessen accompanies our chocolate producer in Peru, cited in Paris for the high quality of its chocolate extracted from the Amazonian, where the land is very fertile and allows the growth of the plant without fertilizer, the result is a completely natural chocolate and great tasting.

Trend remarkable about the fair is the recognition of a sustainable economy for the production of chocolate, the best raw material if cared for is found the field and the people who work in it. In this sense companies obtaining cocoa collaborate with reforestation of forest, felled as a result of wood industry and the plantation of coca, in addition also opt for fair trade, thereby conforming the values ​​on basic vital aspects for the product developed wil reach their full meaning.

From here the chocolate becomes the tool to make authentic works of art that reflect the feeling and the way to Paris, bringing the taste to perfection, the delicacy  is in every detail.
The most discerning palates in the fair find what they imagination does not reach, as chocolate flowers, chocolate cups made ​​for champagne or fruit, chocolates multicolored with perfect forms, whole strawberries into tablets, tablets Cherry Blossom Japan , French pâté covered with exquisite chocolate, and of course, the dresses of chocolates and statues as a car made ​​entirely of cookie and chocolate.

The colors, the smells, the contrasts of taste, packaging, environmental sustainability and natural ingredients mark the trends of the Paris Salon du Chocolat 2012.

Paris 2012 Salón del Chocolate

El chocolate más sofisticado tiene su encuentro en la feria de París, la mejor materia prima para ser elaborada por la manos más glamurosas del mundo.Spanish Delicatessen acompaña a nuestro productor de chocolate de Perú, citado en París por la gran calidad de su chocolate extraído de la selva amazónica, donde la tierra es muy fértil y permite el crecimiento de la planta sin fertilizantes, el resultado es un chocolate completamente natural y de gran sabor.

Tendencia destacable de la feria es el reconocimiento de una economía sostenible para la producción de chocolate, la mejor materia prima se encuentra si se cuida el campo y las personas que trabajan en él. En este sentido las empresas que obtienen el cacao colaboran con la reforestación de la selva, talada a consecuencia de la industria maderera
y la plantación de coca, además también apuestan por el comercio justo conformando así los valores sobre los aspectos vitales básicos para que el producto elaborado tenga su máximo sentido.
A partir de aquí el chocolate se convierte en la herramienta para hacer auténticas obras de arte que reflejan el sentimiento y la manera de hacer de París
, elevando el buen gusto a la perfección, la exquisitez se encuentra en cada detalle.

Los paladares más exigentes encuentran en la feria aquello que su imaginación no alcanza como las flores de chocolate, las copas elaboradas de chocolate para el champagne o frutas, bombones multicolores de formas perfectas, tabletas con fresas enteras dentro, tabletas de flor de cerezo del Japón, exquisito paté
francés bañado en chocolate, y como no, los vestidos de chocolates y estatuas, como un coche elaborado entero de galleta y chocolate.

El colorido, los olores, los contrastes de gustos, el packaging, la sostenibilidad medioambiental y los ingredientes naturales marcan las tendencias del Salon du Chocolat de París 2012.

9 oct. 2012

Seafood Barcelona 2012

Seafood Barcelona is brought by Diversified Business Communications (Portland, US) an expert in organising the world’s largest seafood events:

Barcelona Seafood 15-17 October 2012 visit here
Brussels April 2013: European Seafood Exposition /Seafood Processing Europe
Hong Kong September 2013: Asian Seafood Exposition 
Boston International March 2013: Boston Seafood Show & Seafood Processing America

Spanish Delicatessen S.L. will be present during the fair to visit suppliers and to raise awareness Gourmet Packaging Service for canned fish.
This service is of interest to businesses or brands who want to customize their products and highlight the gourmet product.

In addition we also make available our export experience since 1999 of Gourmet Canned Fish, to make your business a success.

For more information on labeling and display boxes please contact info@spanishdelicatessen.es


7 sept. 2012

07.09.2012 Alioli Sauce in Fine Food Digest Magazine

Fine Food Digest magazine referring food and drink in the UK, published in the July 2012 edition our Aioli Sauce Spanish Delicatessen, from the hand of El Olivo Olive Oil Co, an Edinburgh-based distributor of fine foods and Spanish olive oil specialists. The article notes that the ailioli made to a traditional recipe and it is additive-free.(Allioli Sauce: strong & healthy)


Fine Food Digest Online www.ffdonline.co.uk

Spanish Delicatessen Alioli Sauce, El Olivo Olive Oil Co

25 may. 2012

Allioli Sauce: strong, healthy & Mediterranean Diet

Spanish Delicatessen Allioli Sauce
The aioli sauce is one of the oldest sauce we know of and one of the most typical sauce of Mediterranean cuisine, with natural and genuine taste of garlic and oil, aromatic ingredients and very healthy. Accompanies all types of meat, fish, salads and vegetables.

APPLICATION: Accompanies fish, mussels, shellfish, cod, grilled meats (rabbit, chicken ...), vegetables and boiled or fried vegetables, potatoes, salad and toast. The Spanish Delicatessen Salsa Allioli flavored meat broths and cooking sauce too, obtaining the "negat aioli" is great in the "stews" and fish stews, meat and fish soups.

INGREDIENTS: Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, Garlic "Pedroñeras" and salt.

No eggs, no preservatives, preserves time of 18 months at room temperature only needs trust when you open the package. Our brand offers high quality products.

To order or contact: info@spanishdelicatessen.es

or clik here: Web contact

We export all over the world, ask about minimum orders

Alioli Sauce Spanish Delicatessen in Fine Food Digest:

25.05.2012 New facility in Sant Boi de Llobregat

Spanish Delicatessen is already operating the new facility in Sant Boi de Llobregat in Building CORESSA, keeping the headquarters in Cornellà de Lobregat, in the Building PRECSA, where a member since 1999. Spanish Delicatessen expands its presence in Baix Llobregat (Barcelona) to develop the packaging and logistics.

This year, the company is focusing on developing new commercial projects, while you are designing new formats for the private label products.

Edificio CORESSA, calle Andorra 31 08330 Sant Boi de Lobregat (Barcelona)

2 may. 2012

Bonito del Norte in Olive Oil

The peculiarity is that Bonito is removed through fishing rod, do not use nets. The Bonito del Norte preserves in olive oil, when you open the glass container, it is ready to eat with salad, tomato or vinaigrettes. It can also be cooked with pasta, croquettes, lasagna and soy sauce.

Spanish Delicatessen Bonito del Norte in Olive Oil
Bonito del Norte, photo of www.nutricion.pro
Bonito del Norte fit to the Mediterranean Diet and it is a blue fishIt differs from bluefin tuna
the size of its pectoral fin being much longer.
  • Omega-3
  • High B vitamins
  • Vitamins D and A
  • Iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium
Bonito del Norte with mayo, red pepper and aubergine

26 abr. 2012

Almond, Pistaccio and Hazelnut Spanish Oil Bio

Supreme quality organic. Exquisite flavour that enhances the gourmet sauces and tapas.  

 With these oils can make salads with another flavor, you can mix flavors of nuts with lettuce and tomato, you can also mix the oils with cheese, you can make tapas of authentic chef.
You can use the Mediterranean diet to make simple combinations with our oil, put imagination and taste the new flavors, surprising.

info@spanishdelicatessen.esrequested more information on these products, prices and minimum order quantities.

Export Spanish products,
approach you our best products

visit www.recetasfaciles.co

29 mar. 2012


Pairing possibilities with fine olive oils, wines and cheeses. 

Through this pleasurable and sensorial proposal, THE PERFECT MATCH, offers the possibility to become acquainted enjoy and promote the foods and drinks accompanying them.
A complementary proposal for a gourmets who wants to know the wildcards designed for a wide and varied assortment gastronomic.
Proposal tasting Restaurant “Iberico with  Company” Alimentaria  2012 (Barcelona)
1-PDO Ibérico de Bellota Ham with Coca bread.
2-Dehesa Selection: PDO Ibérico de Bellota Ham, Ibérico Salchichón, PDO Zamorano Cheese and DOñana Goat Cheese.
3-Ibérico loin with "air" bread, endive and tomato confit.
4-PGI Lentejas de la Armuña salad with Ibérico Chorizo.
5-Cold tomato cream sprinkled with Ibérico de Bellota Ham.
6-Andalusian stew with a touch of Obérico.
7-Ibérico ravioli and Mató cheese.
8-Creamy Ibérico Cheeds with new potatoe parmentier.
9-Ibérico "Presa" with fine herbs and caramelizad PGI Poma de Girona.
10-Ibérico "secreto" with Cadiz Flor de Sal.

27 feb. 2012

Capers Sauce

Capers Spanish Delicatessen

Capers Spanish Delicatessen

Way of Preparation:

We will put in a saucepan half a tablespoon of flour mixed with a glass of water, salt and pepper. I go stir while on the fire until it comes to boil.
We will remove from heat, add a tablespoon of butter mixing until it comes apart and a few drops of cold water. We will beat the Spanish capers Delicatessen, the pass through the sieve and add to the sauce by mixing all until a smooth sauce.


Kapern Spanish Delicatessen

Kapern Spanish Delicatessen

Weg der Vorbereitung:

Wir werden in einen Topf legen einen halben Esslöffel Mehl mit einem Glas Wasser, Salz und Pfeffer vermischt. Ich gehe rühren, während auf dem Feuer, bis es zum Kochen kommt.
Wir werden vom Herd nehmen, fügen Sie einen Esslöffel Butter mischen, bis es auseinander geht und ein paar Tropfen kaltem Wasser. Wir werden den Spanish Delicatessen Kapern , der Pass durch das Sieb zu schlagen und in die Sauce geben, indem man alle, bis eine glatte Sauce.

21 feb. 2012

Fried of pepper and tuna

Tuna Spanish Delicatessen

2 kilos of eripe tomatoes
Tuna vegetable oil Spanish Delicatessen
2 tins of tuna in vegetable oil Spanish Delicatessen
2 tin of piquillo peppers in strips to the chopped garlic Spanish Delicatessen
50 grams of pinions
Olive oil

In a frying pan we will fry the peppers of the piquillo and the cut in small pieces. We will add the pinions and will reduce the fire to prevent it from burning. When we observe that the peppers start being gilded we will add the tuna giving it a return for the frying pan for refry a bit. With the same oil, we will fry the bad tomato, to slow fire, so that the juice is consumed and the oil stays in the surface We Will Add a teaspoonful of sugar, to take acidity from it and on having withdrawn it from the fire it will be mixed by the slightly fried one of the pepper and the tuna. We will prove the condition of salt of the slightly fried one and will overturn everything in a casserole of mud.

Slightly fried East can add him to any type of pasta, meat or fish

Gebraten Pfeffers und Thunfisches

Thunfisch Spanish Delicatessen

2 Kilos von eripe Tomaten
2 Dosen des Thunfisches Spanish Delicatessen
Thunfish Oliven Öl Spanish Delicatessen
2 Dose des piquillo Pfeffers in Ausziehen zu den gehackten Knoblauch Spanish Delicatessen
50 Gramme des Ritzel Olivenöls

In einer Bratpfanne werden wir den Pfeffer des piquillo und des Schnittes in kleinen Stücken braten. Wir werden die Ritzel hinzufügen und werden das Feuer reduzieren, um es davon abzuhalten, zu verbrennen. Wenn wir beobachten, dass der Pfeffer anfängt, gebraten zu werden, werden wir den Thunfisch hinzufügen, der es eine Rückkehr für die Bratpfanne für Wiedergebratenes ein bißchen gibt. Mit demselben Öl werden wir die Tomate braten, Feuer zu verlangsamen, so daß der Saft verzehrt wird und der Ölaufenthalt in der Oberfläche, auf Der wir einen Teelöffel des Zuckers Hinzufügen Werden, Säure davon zu nehmen und es vom Feuer zurückgezogen zu haben es wird durch den ein bißchen gebratenen des Pfeffers und des Thunfisches gemischt. Wir werden die Zustand des Salzes von ein bißchen gebratenem beweisen und werden alles in einer Kasserolle des Schlamms stürzen.
Ein bißchen kann gebratener ihn zu jedem Typ von Teigwaren, Fleisch oder Fisch hinzufügen.

17 feb. 2012

Bread with tomato and cheese bio

Bio cheese Spanish Delicatessen

Olive Oil
1 part of garlic
Bio sheep’s cheese with rosemary
Bread with tomato
For regular bread:

We break the bread into slices. We leave the tomatoes in half, we spread half the tomato over the bread and throw tomatoes when only the skin remains. 

Put oil on the bread and extend.

To toast:

The procedure is the same as in the case of normal bread but also we can add garlic. The first thing to do is peel a clove of garlic and had over the bread to acquire the taste. Then we will all the steps explained above.
Once we have the bread ready to slice the cheese we want to prepare and place over bread.   

Brot mit Tomate un Käse bio mit Rosmarin

Bio Kässe Spanish Delicatessen

Brot mit Tomate

1 Teil von Knoblauch

Bio Schafskäse mit Rosmarin

Für die regelmäßige Brot:

Wir brechen das Brot in Scheiben schneiden. Wir verlassen die Tomaten halbieren, verbreiten wir die Hälfte der Tomaten über dem Brot und Tomaten werfen, wenn nur die Haut bleibt. Verteremos über der Ölwanne und zu erweitern.
Um Toast:

Das Verfahren ist das gleiche wie im Fall der normalen Brot, sondern auch wir Knoblauch hinzufügen. Das erste, was zu tun ist, schälen einer Knoblauchzehe und hatte über das Brot, um den Geschmack zu erwerben. Dann werden wir alle Schritte, die oben erklärt.
Sobald wir das Brot bereit, den Käse wollen wir vorbereiten und über das Brot in Scheiben schneiden platzieren.

15 feb. 2012

Puff-pastry with nuts

Macadamias Spanish Delicatessen

1/2 kg of mass of puff-pastry
 1 glass of oil / or butter
Sirope (sugar / water / lemon)
 Macadamias Spanish Delicatessen
Almonds Spanis Delicatessen
Almonds Spanish Delicatessen 
Way of preparation:

To realize the Sirope we will put 1/2 glass of sugar in a casserole, water glass to cover it with 1/2 and to add a bit of juice of 1 lemon. We will stop to boil to slow fire until it has the wished thickness. We will smear the mold with oil, and will put it in the oven to medium temperature. When we verify that the puff-pastry is gilded we will extract it of the oven and will water it with the sirope and the almonds and macadamias. We it advise to serve cold.

Blätterteig mit Nüssen

Macadamias Spanis Delicatessen
1/2 Kg der Masse von Atem-Geback
1 Glas des Öls / oder Butter Sirope
(Zucker / Wasser / Zitrone)
Macadamias Spanish Delicatessen
Mandel Spanish Delicatessen
Mandel Spanish Delicatessen
Weg der Vorbereitung:
Um den Sirope machen, müssen wir 1/2 Glas des Zuckers in einer Kasserolle, Wasserglas stellen, um es mit 1/2 zu bedecken und ein wenig Saft von 1 Zitrone hinzuzufügen. Wir werden anhalten, um zu kochen, um Feuer zu verlangsamen, bis es die gewünschte Stärke hat. Wir werden die Form mit Öl schmieren, und werden es im Ofen zu mittler Temperatur stellen. Wenn wir nachprüfen, dass die Atem-Geback vergoldet werden, werden wir es des Ofens herausziehen, und Wasser es mit dem sirope und den Mandeln und macadamias. Wir es beraten uns, um Kälte zu dienen. 

13 feb. 2012

Sauced Mussels

Olive Oil Spanish Delicatessen
1500 gr of Spanish Delicatessen Mussels
1 glass of white wine
4 parts of garlic
Olive Oil
punctured parsley
1 red pepper
White pepper in grain
1 spoonful of flour

Put the Spanish Delicatessen Mussels to boil with the white wine and some grains of white pepper.

Wine Spanish Delicatessen
At the same time, in a frying pan, frie the pepper and the garlic (cutted).
Put salt on your taste and add the flour, and after, add the liquid of the boil.
Move it to get the sauce, and leave it for a while. After this, spread the parsley on the sauce.
Mix with the mussels.