3 nov. 2011

Thyme Soup - "Sopa de Farigola"

Thyme Soup is a typical soup from Catalonia, in Spain.

It’s a very complete soup, easy to do and different from other soups you may know.

To do it, you need to boil water with piece of Thyme (for 4 people it’s about 2 liters and 4-5 Thyme sprig) and a bit of salt during 5 minutes. Then remove the sprig.

After this, you will need stale bread and put it with soup, together with an egg, straight to the soup, and remove it. To finish, just put a bit of Olive oil on the soup, and will be ready to eat.

This healthy and easy soup was really used in the past, and it’s also reccomended to eat if you have the flu, cold or just your body needs healthy attention more than usual.

Remember that recipes are not closed, colud be changed or modified, because secret of dishes are to do new things, to  change presentation or even ingredients.

Is normal to find Thyme soup with bread and egg into the dish, with an entire egg per person, or to put extra spices on it.