29 mar. 2012


Pairing possibilities with fine olive oils, wines and cheeses. 

Through this pleasurable and sensorial proposal, THE PERFECT MATCH, offers the possibility to become acquainted enjoy and promote the foods and drinks accompanying them.
A complementary proposal for a gourmets who wants to know the wildcards designed for a wide and varied assortment gastronomic.
Proposal tasting Restaurant “Iberico with  Company” Alimentaria  2012 (Barcelona)
1-PDO Ibérico de Bellota Ham with Coca bread.
2-Dehesa Selection: PDO Ibérico de Bellota Ham, Ibérico Salchichón, PDO Zamorano Cheese and DOñana Goat Cheese.
3-Ibérico loin with "air" bread, endive and tomato confit.
4-PGI Lentejas de la Armuña salad with Ibérico Chorizo.
5-Cold tomato cream sprinkled with Ibérico de Bellota Ham.
6-Andalusian stew with a touch of Obérico.
7-Ibérico ravioli and Mató cheese.
8-Creamy Ibérico Cheeds with new potatoe parmentier.
9-Ibérico "Presa" with fine herbs and caramelizad PGI Poma de Girona.
10-Ibérico "secreto" with Cadiz Flor de Sal.